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Global concensus fostering for clean technology innovation and implementation consulting with in depth focus into the African market, partnerships for millennium development goals with governments sustainability vision by sweden and a dynamic private,public,multilateral stakeholders proactive engagement with

SAEN head office is situated in Stockholm – Sweden, with affiliation offices in douala Cameroon Africa, alexandria virginia, chicago illinois north America and guangdong China

The crux of our business is in providing the visible human hand whereby a service providing company can market its product to a potential client. Creating synergies real time and long term managament integration tools expertise with a holistic approach that addresses not only infrastructure, assets but also support people business processes, data and enabling technologies that are critical to success

Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our time and is now on the agenda of many expert groups, industry, academia and steering committees of governmental organisations. We are convinced there is a need for individuals, companies and governments to set up environmental strategies or optimize the usage of clean technology. On the other hand there are plenty of clean tech products & services that have difficulties in entering the market

We support our clients to face these challenges by facilitating access to target markets between local and international partners.



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